Kobe Bryant Desperate To Douse Divorce Rumors

BRYANT DENIES DIVORCE, SO WHY DON’T WE BELIEVE HIM? We’ve got an innocent question for you today: When was the last time you saw Kobe Bryant front and center for the same paparazzi that photographs throwaway famewhores like Spears and Lohan?

Your answer: Uh, never.

Kobe Bryant Divorce

That is, until last night, when Bryant and his bride Vanessa had dinner at the #1 celeb stalker hangout in Hollywood, Koi. After dinner, the couple was video’d by our favorite Matt Leinart PR firm, TMZ.com. Accompanying the video was TMZ reporting that “Kobe Bryant sent a strong message to people questioning the status of his marriage — by taking his wife Vanessa out in style last night.

TMZ cameras caught the Bryants big ballin’ their way out of Koi — in a clean white Bentley — clearly trying to show that all is well in marraigeland. The couple came under fire after breakup rumors burned up the Internet this week, which Kobe strenuously denied.

In case you just got back from vacationing in Turkmenistan, last week a website called MediaTakeOut.com reported that Kobe Bryant was on the brink of a divorce proceeding with his child bride Vanessa.

If you travel in entertainment blogs, you probably know that that website has a reputation among media types for less-than-accurate reporting (the divorce rumors were ignored by the MSM - except for Norm Clarke and KCBS-TV’s website).

So with that in mind, it is interesting to see Bryant applying the full court press in an attempt to show everyone all is well. If it is, and the website that reported the rumor is a bogus source, then why the public relations game, Kobe?

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