Kobe Bryant Calls Owner Buss An Idiot On Audio Tape

KOBE QUOTE CAUGHT ON AUDIO - “DR. BUSS IS AN IDIOT“: For those of you outside the 310 area code, move along - nothing to see here (we know Kobe fatigue has set in).

For us Angelenos who are still relishing Kobe Bryant exposing the absurdly incompetent Lakers front office, INSIDE HOOPS is the first to release a transcript of an audio tape attributed to Kobe Bryant “in early June.

Jerry Buss

The highlight of the tape has Bryant saying “Dr. Buss is an idiot“. Complete transcript of the audio:”Fan: Please tell us your staying!
Kobe: Huh?
Fan: Please tell us your staying.
Kobe: Get a Bulls uniform, fellas.
Fan: Are you serious?
Kobe: Yup.
Fan: Really!?!
Kobe: Yup.
Fan: It’s not worth it Kobe, you got to stay.
Kobe: Dr. Buss is an idiot.
Fan: That’s true, good luck man.
Kobe: Alright, thanks man.
Fan: See ya buddy.

Mitch Kupchak Jim Buss

Dr. Buss is an idiot? Sounds a little harsh, until you examine the Lakers’ last 10 first-round picks. And the current two-headed jackass rodeo running basketball operations.