Kobe Bryant Bodyguard Patrick Graber Releases Book Attacking NBA Player

FORMER BRYANT BODYGUARD RELEASES TELL-ALL BOOK: LARRY BROWN SPORTS has news of a book released by a former bodyguard of Kobe Bryant, Patrick Graber, which attacks the NBA player on several fronts.

Kobe Bryant

Graber claims Bryant was guilty in the Colorado rape case and often cheated on his wife, “sometimes with several women at the same time.” He also accuses Bryant of “proposing to his bodyguard to eliminate the witness in the Colorado rape case.

Kobe Bryant Sign

And of course, we get the real reason for the book - Graber thinks Bryant set him up to be arrested by police: “Graber and Bryant’s head of security meet. Kobe changes his plan and Revilla orchestrates Graber’s entrapment and arrest to divert the media attention away from the Colorado rape case thus improving Bryant’s damaged public image.

The press release for the book claims Graber’s arrest was a major factor in charges being dropped against Bryant in the Colorado rape case - by creating a major media diversion.

Patrick Graber

If that’s the case, then why the hell have none of us ever heard of Patrick Graber?