Kobe Bryant Amateur Video Audio Tape Demanding Trade Being Shopped To Media

AMATEUR VIDEO MADE OF CUSSING KOBE BEING HAWKED: HOOPS WORLD has news of an amateur video and audio tape made last week that is being shopped to the media. The contents: Kobe Bryant very candidly demanding a trade and while also criticizing Lakers management.

Kill Buss Kobe Bryant

H-W on the video clip: “Interspersed with numerous cuss words, Bryant discusses the Lakers’ decision not to trade Andrew Bynum to the New Jersey Nets at the trade deadline in February.”

Bryant on the tape: “Ship his [rear end] out. We’re talking Jason Kidd. They didn’t want to do that. That’s why we’re in this [messed up] position.

Kobe Bryant with girl

The audio clip was recorded onto a cell phone on June 10th. It includes Bryant’s response to fans asking him to stay in L.A.: “Get a [Chicago] Bulls uniform fellas.

Kobe Bryant

Sadly for the intrepid citizen reporters, after Bryant’s website post Sunday, we’d have to assume the value of those tapes now is on the order of a Bee Gees back catalog.

UPDATE: A promo of the video (with Kobe dropping a f-bomb) in now on YouTube.