Knoblauch Finally Speaks Up About Mitchell Report

Chuck Knoblauch finally spoke out about being mentioned in the Mitchell Report. But it appears he doesn’t have much to say.

Chuck Knoblauch

The NEW YORK TIMES gets the first public reactions from the ex-Yankee about former trainer Brian McNamee supplying him with HGH. And it turns out he more or less declined comment about the issue:

I have nothing to defend. I have nothing to hide at the same time.”

Knoblauch is requested to appear at a congressional hearing next month, along with former teammates Roger Clemens & Andy Pettitte. But Chuck claims he hasn’t been contacted by Capitol Hill:

I read my name in the paper and see it on the news, but I haven’t heard a word. I’m supposed to be somewhere, but I haven’t been told where to be.”

Yet, the committee’s chief of staff says “multiple telephone messages” were left for Knoblauch inviting him to the friendly chat.

As for McNamee’s accusations, Pettitte has admitted to using HGH, while Clemens is embroiled in a legal battle over the ex-trainer’s claims that he shot up the Rocket with steroids.

Knoblauch Wurst

Chuck seems indifferent to the whole affair: “I love baseball, but I’m not trying to get a job in baseball. I don’t have any friends from baseball. Baseball doesn’t control my life anymore.”

While Clemens is taking his matters to the courts, Knoblauch says he’s not angry about the allegations:

Mad about it? No. You know what? One of my strongest characteristics is not really caring what people think. I’m living my life. It’s not going to change my life one way or the other. You know, I’m not trying to get in the Hall of Fame.”

But the reclusive Chuck did have one request for the Times: “Don’t tell anybody where I live.”