SbB: Promoting Frozen Sports Anchors Since 2001

Today we celebrate the day LAUREN WENT DOWN. And …

• Why did Bob Knight leave Lubbock? The Texas Tech coach quit for his kid.

Bob Knight finger pistols

• A high school footballer is heading to Cal on a full scholarship - just don’t tell Jeff Tedford.

• So distraught over the loss, a former Pats staffer (Matt Walsh, maybe?) is selling his Super Bowl ring.

• According to the MSM, the only thing Plaxico Burress didn’t do was threaten to bleed on the Patriots.

• Couldn’t Brad Miller get someone else to do the dishes?

• Sunday’s duel in the desert was the most-watched Super Bowl (and 2nd-biggest TV event) ever.

Michael Strahan Super Bowl Tom Brady

• All those people sitting at home viewing the game made it easier for Fargo police to bring in the bad guys.

• South Korean athletes can’t bring themselves to shoulder the responsibility of military service.

• Meanwhile, one Pats player was caught trying to soothe his sorrows the Ricky Williams way.

• But New England fans can cheer up by looking at the team’s cheerleaders Maxim-izing their scantily-clad bodies.

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