Knicks Ship Isiah To Europe for ‘Scouting Mission’

Now that he’s no longer their coach or president, yet still keeping him on their payroll, what do the Knicks do with Isiah Thomas? Well, shipping him off to Europe is a good start.

Isiah Thomas suit

Marc Berman of the NEW YORK POST dribbles up news that new Knicks prez Donnie Walsh has dispatched Isiah across the pond, reportedly for a scouting mission:

According to a source close to Thomas, president Donnie Walsh dispatched Thomas last week to France and Italy … Walsh wanted him to scout two lottery possibilities in Danilo Gallinari and Nicolas Batum.

Shipping him off to scout players in Europe. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

The French & Italian Leagues are holding their playoffs - something the Knicks didn’t have to deal with during Thomas’ tenure - and the New York club hopes adding some international ballers to the roster could help add a little flair, if not more wins.

We hear that Lithuania is also getting set for their post-season, and Mongolia is starting up a league of their own, so Donnie can feel free to send Isiah out scouting in those places, too. And tell him to take his time.

But if Thomas picks up any, *ahem*, knick-knacks during his travels, he won’t have anywhere in MSG to put them. Even though the team is keeping him employed in a non-titled role, Isiah “likely would have no office.”

Where’s he going to sexually harass employees now?

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