Knicks’ Coaching Search? Really Time To Chuck It

When we heard NEWSDAY is reporting that new Grand Poobah Donnie Walsh has added The Rifleman to his short list of head coach candidates (finally putting a second name below Mark Jackson’s), we could not have been more excited. Finally, a head coach that can bring the law to the wayward Knicks and help them with their shooting: Chuck Connors!

Chuck Connors

As Connors always said on “The Rifleman”, “A man doesn’t run from a fight, but that doesn’t mean you go looking to run to one.” He could also teach them badassery and how to fire multiple times without reloading an… what’s that? You mean it’s not Chuck Connors? It’s Chuck Person, the Rifleman for the Pacers in the ’90s and an assistant coach in Sacramento now?

Well, damn.

Person has gained a reputation as a smart defensive-minded coach, so his addition to the short list (plus his time under Walsh in Indiana) is no surprise. Still, we’re a little disappointed. Chuck Connors would have put up with zero guff and there’s plenty of guff in that there locker room. Also, Connors has a connection to the Walsh-led Pacers:

Chuck Connors, Larry Bird, Robert Urich

And look! If Connors takes the job, maybe Spenser will be available for hire as an assistant coach!

Yeah, okay. We’ll shut off the television and go read a book. Get off our backs, Mom.

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