Knee Surgery To Cement Fate of Garnett, Celtics

It’s time to confront reality: Kevin Garnett is done. Done, done, done. Not coming back for a single game of the playoffs. It sucks for fans of both the Celtics and of basketball in general, but it’s the truth.

(Kevin, the game’s up here.)

We’re certain that KG won’t play for a single minute of the playoffs for two reasons: One, because Doc Rivers said so after the loss, and two, because according to the BOSTON HERALD, Garnett has decided to have surgery on that problematic knee of his, and probably very soon:

According to another person with knowledge of the situation, Garnett sought advice from non-Celtic medical sources on remedies that could allow him to play through the end of this season. And there were points in recent weeks when it seemed the program of rest and rehab were working and that Garnett would be able to go. But when the soreness returned and increased, the options went away.

That’s what makes this situation the most interesting; contrary to what popular Boston wisdom suggested (and by that I mean Bill Simmons‘ podcast last week), Boston didn’t know Garnett was shutting it down ahead of time. When they announced on Thursday that he was out, that was exactly when the KG and the team made the decision.

This, of course, is terrible news for the Celtics. With even a semi-healthy KG, they’re one of the top three teams in the NBA. Without him, they’re… well, they’re losing the first game of the series - at home! - to Chicago. Even if they take the series, which isn’t certain at all - it could conceivably end in a loss before they even get back to the Garden - there’s no way in hell they even make it to the Finals, much less win that. It’s unfair to see their run effectively ended by injury, rather than by merit. So it goes.