KJ on His Way to Overtime in Sacramento Election

The black man came up with more support and voters than the white woman, but it wasn’t enough to secure a clear majority. Therefore, we’re in for more months of backstabbing, frontstabbing, and other forms of chicanery before finally deciding on a leader. It’s painful for the greater electorate that are ready to work on economic and other issues, but no one will concede.

That’s right: your Sacramento mayoral election results are in.

Kevin Johnson maybe?

Former NBA player Kevin Johnson mustered up 47% of the vote Tuesday to incumbent Heather Fargo’s 40%. However, a clear majority is required to declare a victor in Sacramento. Therefore, if this should stand (and there are still 15,000 absentee ballots to count), there will be a runoff election in the fall. Can Sacramento take another five months of this nasty election?

As the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE points out, it’s quite the heated election over a relatively tiny portion of power in Sacramento since it has a city manager and the mayor only gets one vote out of nine on the City Council.

It hasn’t been cheap, either. Johnson’s campaign raised nearly one million dollars since March (though half of that is a personal loan from Johnson to his campaign) and Fargo has raised $340,000 since 2005. (We suspect she didn’t think she’d need to take on such deep pockets, though.)

We look forward to another election season on the brink since we’re an ink-stained wretch, but we’re also rooting for those absentee ballots to declare a victor so Sacramento can get back to digging in on those serious issues surrounding the community.

Also, we’re tired of hearing about climate change conferences. We’ll send Mayor Fargo a copy of An Inconvenient Truth if it’ll keep her at home.