Kitesurfing Much More Fun with Naked Passengers

Richard Branson - sorry, Sir Richard Branson - knows how to travel in style. You might think we’re referring to the Virgin billionaire’s fashionable airline service, but we’re talking about more sportier ways to get around. Kitesurfing, for instance - it’s the thrill of air & sea travel all rolled into one.

Richard Branson nude kitesurfing

And when soaring in such a sport, Sir Richard believes you should only pack the bare essentials - like a bare model riding on your back.

(More pics after the jump.)

Richard Branson nude kitesurfing

The naked lady in question is Denni Parkinson, model & girlfriend of photographer Stephane Gautronneau. The DAILY MAIL explains that the bareback riding of Denni on Branson took place during a photoshoot on the island of Necker, Sir Richard’s private Caribbean getaway.

In fact, it was Gautronneau’s idea for Branson take along the beauty in the buff for a wet ‘n’ wild ride - a suggestion Richard was not going to refuse:

Richard Branson nude kitesurfing

“What can you say if you are asked to pose with a naked lady? I only wish I had eyes in the back of my head.”

But whatever would Richard’s family think? Apparently they’re cool with it, since they were there and saw the whole thing:

A source close to the Bransons said: “Stephane thought it would be fun to take some quirky shots. The family, including Richard’s children Sam and Holly, watched from the beach and everyone seemed to be having a great day.”

Nothing like a fun family outing with a little nubile nudity thrown in. But one person who would probably disapprove is Jenson Button. The Formula One racer recently brought Branson aboard as a team sponsor. Oh, and Jenson also happens to have a very alluring girlfriend in Jessica Michibata:

Jessica Michibata

It seemed even Sir Richard wasn’t immune to Jessica’s charms. The NEWS OF THE WORLD reported that just before Jenson’s triumph at the Australian Grand Prix, the new sponsor & client met for an evening meal, with Miss Michibata also in attendance:

A source told the News of the World: “Richard was clearly very, very drunk and took a shine to Jessica during the evening. But there was a misunderstanding and Jenson became angry.

“The whole thing got very, very heated. Richard thought Jenson was over-reacting, and gave as good back. Both of them were livid.”

I guess this means no nude kitesurfing rides for Jessica in the near future. What a pity.