King Is Not Impressed With Sapp, TV Personality

Evidently, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s Peter King has other interests outside of polishing Brett Favre’s marbles. He also has time — despite what would appear to be a 40-hour-a-week job (those marbles have a luster you just don’t see from part-time polishing) — to point out that Warren Sapp is a loud-mouthed crank. Ironical.

Warren Sapp

You see, Sapp, recently retired NFL defensive lineman, will be one of the new faces on “Inside the NFL,” which, after a long run on HBO, will premiere on Showtime this season with a mostly new cast. A cast, by the way, that won’t include King, who appeared on the show for six years.

So what set King off? From MMQB:

“I would hope to God that it would be [better] because [the show] on HBO it just got bland. It got bland, it got boring, and it just sat there that it was a foregone conclusion that somebody was supposed to tune in because it was what it was. You have to entertain the people.”

–New “Inside the NFL” panelist Warren Sapp, in the BOSTON GLOBE, opining that the Showtime version of the long-running pro football show will be better than the HBO version.

Petey King no likey. He writes that the “bland and boring” show won three Emmys in the last six years, and not just for best football show, but for BEST SPORTS STUDIO SHOW! (Is there a difference?)

He also blathers on about how Cris Collinsworth is a HARD-HITTING journalist, and one of the few people willing to take Bill Belichick to task for cheating. (For the record, I like Collinsworth, I just don’t like King telling me about it.) That’s a great point. I mean, if there’s anything I hate, it’s media types who flip-flop on seemingly black-and-white issues because it might hinder their access. It’s pathetic, really. Right, Peter?

No cause for alarm, however; King says he likes Sapp, which should mitigate the severity of the beatdown the next time these two bump into each other at the buffet table.