Kimbo To Become Boxer? What Took So Long?

Santos Perez of the MIAMI HERALD today records some heavy hints from Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson that indicate the MMA sideshow> phenom might be interested in a boxing career.

Kimbo Slice

Last week, in a conference call before the fight against Thompson, Slice said his goals were “receiving one of the heavyweight titles — boxing or MMA — and holding on to them.”

Interestingly, Slice mentioned boxing first. Maybe the Miami street fighter will don boots and 10-ounce gloves, after all.

Perez also points to a recent promotional appearance by Slice that may be a tip-off.

Slice’s MMA promoter, Gary Shaw, also has promoted notable boxers Ronald ”Winky” Wright and Antonio Tarver. Shaw also is involved in the promotion super-featherweight prospect Yuriorkis Gamboa, also a Miami resident.

Slice accompanied Gamboa into the ring for Gamboa’s fight against Darling Jimenez on May 17. Slice’s appearance could have been a way to hype his MMA fight Saturday, but showcasing him in a boxing environment was intriguing.

Anyone who has watched Slice in MMA knows that he probably should’ve become a boxer to begin with. And he’ll most likely get chopped up by some martial arts sophisticat at some point if he continues to delve deeper into the MMA talent pool.

This would be a great time to make the transition, but I doubt it’ll happen - as Slice’d most likely have to take a major pay cut if he abandoned MMA now.

The more likely scenario: Slice gets ground up in a future MMA bout, and then turns to boxing once his value to Elite XC is further diminished.