Kimbo Slice To Fight Press Conference Confronter

Last week, after the Elite XC mixed-martial-arts show aired on CBS, the overhyped Kimbo Slice was called out by fellow heavyweight Bret “Grim” Rogers for what was, in Rogers’ words, “some garbage-ass [expletive].”

Kimbo Slice


Slice, to his credit, has answered the challenge, and Elite XC fans couldn’t be happier.


Scheduling this fight is probably the smartest move that Elite XC could make in the shadow of Kimbo’s controversial fight with James Thompson. Whether Rogers came up with the idea to call out Kimbo on his own or not - this gives Elite XC a storyline to push leading up to (presumably) one of the next shows they have on CBS.

This fight just reeks of common sense, as Kimbo’s lackluster showing–and controversial stoppage when many said Thompson was ahead on rounds–begs for retribution, retribution that Grim Rogers is only too happy to provide.


Rogers, who defeated Jon Murphy in the night’s first televised bout, was one of the first fighters at the conference to address the media, and he made it a point to discuss what he felt was a less-than-stellar performance by headliner [Slice, whose real name is Kevin Ferguson].

“I seen some [expletive] today,” Rogers said. “I seen some [expletive], some garbage-ass [expletive]. I’m a heavyweight, and I feel I’m a true heavyweight. (James) Thompson? Much respect. But I’m saying it like this. Kimbo Slice, man, that was just garbage, man.”

And so Elite XC has a potential blockbuster fight on their hands. Naturally, UFC boss Dana White isn’t happy about the extra press that the rival promotion has been able to generate. White was reported on ESPN.COM to have said that he was “very, very disappointed in ESPN this past weekend. A 15-minute feature on ‘SportsCenter’ about Kimbo Slice? That is embarrassing.

I’m sure Elite XC will be blushing all the way to the bank, but White’s reaction is understandable. White has done all of the work in terms of getting MMA into the mainstream, often leading the battle to legalize the sport in a state-by-state campaign. And now a so-called rival league is stealing some of that thunder.

While White loses, the fans win, and hopefully, we’ll get to see what Kimbo Slice is really as good as advertised.