MMA Managing To Go Mainstream With CBS Deal

MMA JUNKIE reports that Kimbo Slice will be coming soon to a CBS channel near you, as the network will start showing Elite Xtreme Combat contests.

(”Don’t touch that dial! Or I’ll kick your ass!“)

The CBS-EliteXC deal is expected to be officially announced on Thursday, with four fights penciled into select Saturday night timeslots. It will be the first time mixed martial arts will be broadcast on major network TV.

So, why would CBS agree to show a smaller MMA outfit like EliteXC instead of the more well-known UFC?

Because they own them.

CBS old logo

CBS is an investor in ProElite Inc., the parent company of EliteXC, and the network recently expanded its ownership stake in the organization. Also, almost all of the fight promotion’s matches have been shown on Showtime - another CBS-owned entity.

Meanwhile, network execs must have been impressed with the way Slice diced Tank Abbott in Miami two weeks ago, as Kimbo is expected to headline the first event, scheduled for sometime in April in either Atlantic City or Newark, NJ.

But they were probably more impressed with the record gate he helped bring into the sold-out BankUnited Center.

So, if we’re not out trying to socialize on Saturday nights from 9-11 p.m, we might check out this new CBS carnage.