Kimbo Now Reduced To Acting in Teen TV Movies

Poor Kimbo Slice. First, the MMA career goes in the tank after getting owned by Seth Petruzelli, and now his re-introduction to the world is going to come in the form of a TV movie. One that he agreed to do way back in August, when it still appeared as if he might be a legitimate fighter.

Kimbo Slice, thespian

So, those of you who just can’t get enough Kimbo can tune in this holiday season…to Nickelodeon. Kimbo has a guest-starring role in the film Drake and Josh: Best Christmas Ever. In it, he plays a con named “Bludge” who befriends Drake and Josh and helps them keep a promise to a foster family, or something. How heartwarming. Is “poor man’s Mr. T” what Kimbo has been aiming for all along?

BLOODY ELBOW and BRAWL SPORTS both featured the story yesterday, but it’s this post from back in August on BLACK VOICES that beckons back to what Kimbo might have been, had he not single-handedly destroyed an MMA brand:

EliteXC MMA fighter Kimbo Slice’s popularity continues to grow. He recently hooked up with San Diego Chargers running back Ladainian Tomlinson to do a “viral” sort of commercial for Nike. The scene takes place supposedly at Kimbo’s house in his backyard where folks are having a barbecue and LT starts working out by lifting air conditioners and punching refrigerators.

But it doesn’t stop at the commercial. Slice also recently signed to be in the TV movie Drake and Josh: Best Christmas Ever.

If you have the patience to negotiate NICK.COM, you can see a video interview of Kimbo, as well as of the stars of the show about Kimbo. In the video, Drake or Josh (I don’t know which is which) says:

“Kimbo is like a great big muscle-bound teddy bear. He has been nothing but nice, professional, and really fun to work with.”

Will his star ever stop rising?  If you’re morbidly curious to see how the acting debut turns out, the film premieres on Nickelodeon (that’s the Spongebob channel) on December 5th.

For now, here’s Kimbo’s first acting debut in his commercial with Tomlinson: