Blog-O-Rumba: Kim K. Next Star To Go Dancing?

• GOSSIP GIRLS trots out one of the next possible candidates who may go “Dancing With The Stars” - Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian dancing

Good thing Reggie Bush is getting her in shape.

• Speaking of previous Dancing fools, Matt Mosley of ESPN’s HASHMARKS hikes up highlights from Jason Taylor’s first news conference as a Redskin.

Steve Cofeld of YAHOO SPORTS catches Floyd Mayweather Jr. possibly parking his Mercedes in a handicapped spot.

• DEADSPIN uncovers some Virginia Tech players taking off their new unis to the delight of the females at a Hokies football clinic.

• The COLUMBUS DISPATCH comes across Bengals QB Carson Palmer trying to backpedal from his earlier Buckeye bashing.

• Staying with USC v. Ohio State, ELEVEN WARRIORS looks back on Pete Carroll’s brief stay on the OSU coaching staff.

Beth Ann Baldry of GOLFWEEK believes Michelle Wie is making a big mistake by teeing off with the boys in Tahoe.

• WITH MALICE writes a letter to the Lakers, asking them to take a pass on acquiring Ron Artest.