Booze Party Gets Girls’ Soccer Team Suspended

If you really think female athletes can’t hang with the guys in any aspect of sports, you’ve clearly never been to a party thrown by a girls’ team. So props to one high school soccer team for doing their gender, youth sports and — oh heck — America proud by throwing a raging kegger that got three-fourths of the team suspended.

Lake Braddock Girls Soccer Team

(”OK girls, who wants a drink?”)

Lake Braddock HS, in the DC suburbs, is the alma mater of Mia Hamm and has won two of the last three state titles. They’re also All-Americans when it comes to hitting the bottle; 16 members of the girls varsity squad were punished in the wake of a party where the only non-team invitees were named Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.

The party is apparently an annual tradition to welcome the freshmen, and anyone who’s played professional sports can tell you that the sacred initiation rituals cannot be performed sober.

“It’s a situation that we’re faced with and we’ll just work our way through it one day at a time,” said Bruins Coach Adam Soos, who would not discuss specifics about the incident and would not name the players involved. “Some choices were made, some consequences were dealt, and we’re coping with it day by day.”

Soos said he wouldn’t name the players involved, but since 16 of the 22 girls on the roster were suspended for a month, just pick a name at random and the odds are pretty good she was throwing them back like a champ.

Lest you fear that six girls weren’t cool enough to drink, the article says they only missed the party because they were in Las Vegas at the time.

Lake Braddock won their season opener 3-0, but since the suspensions, they’ve been shut out 14-0 over three games, and had to call up JV players to fill out the roster. One can only hope they held another party to welcome the JV girls to the squad.