Kiffykins Spurs Threatening Letter From Raiders

Sense: Al Davis makes none. This is no longer up for debate; as the Raiders continue to redefine the word “backslide,” Davis has made increasingly peculiar personnel decisions, including jettisoning coaches at will and releasing an $8 million corneback… eight games into his career with the team. But it’s his decision to not pay the remainder of Lane Kiffin’s contract that’s finally bringing the Raiders’ institutional insanity into the light.

Lane Kiffin ugh
(”Coaching here was a very bad idea.”)

Kiffin, who’s a total loon in his own right, is understandably unimpressed with Oakland’s refusal to pay him and has filed a lawsuit to claim the last two months of salary from a 3-year contract he signed in 2007. Not only is Oakland fighting it–they’re holding a deposition on Monday in San Francisco–but Jeff Birren, a lawyer from the team actually sent a threatening letter to the University of Tennessee, claiming that Kiffin, among other things, may have been “actively supplying information about the team to opponents.” Honest to God, that’s what it says.

Oh, and there’s so much more. Birren goes on to list all the former Vols who have been Raiders (there aren’t many, and he has to go to the Tee Martin well by the second name in the list) and suggests that it “would be very unfortunate if the past history and association between the University and the Raiders is discarded to suit Mr. Kiffin’s personal agenda….” Roughly translated, that’s “fire this son of a bitch or we’re never drafting another one of your players in the 7th round again.”

The next curious excerpt, we’ll just run in its entirety, because there’s nothing we can add that would do anything but diminish the breathtaking egotism therein.

During the interview process, Mr. Kiffin professed to know about the history and tradition of the Raiders, espoused it and said that he believed in it. He also said that he would carry this forward with a high-powered offense, that he had great respect for the defensive coaches and publicly stated that the Raiders had great players.

Yet, Mr. Kiffin’s proclamations that he believed these things could not have been further from the truth. Mr. Kiffin was found to be someone who broke NFL rules and made false statements that mislead [sic] the media, Raider fans, and the entire team.

If that wasn’t dictated by Al Davis, I will eat a stick of deodorant. Okay, no I won’t. But seriously, that’s pure Davis.

The deposition will take place Monday in Kiffin’s lawyer’s office in San Francisco. Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that one. The question isn’t whether a chair gets thrown, but merely how quickly. We’re setting the over/under at 5 minutes.