Kiffin Staff Raids UT Recruits On Way Outta Town

UPDATE (2:03am ET): The KNOXVILLE NEWS-SENTINEL reports Wednesday morning:

Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron Recruting For Tennessee

Former Tennessee recruiting coordinator Ed Orgeron has contacted multiple UT mid-term enrollees and encouraged them not to attend class today so that they can easily leave UT and enroll at Southern California, multiple sources told the News Sentinel.

By attending class today, the nine mid-term enrollees, who have been at UT since Monday, would have to follow strict transfer rules, which include sitting out a year.

Orgeron is currently making contact with the UT recruits and early commits from Los Angeles.

Here’s some fun video from Saigon Knoxville last night via Da Wiz. John Brice of Rivals Tennessee site tells Jim Wogan of WATE-TV that UT players told him UT-turned-USC assistant coach Ed Orgeron was on the phone with new UT recruits (on campus and due to enroll tomorrow!) and early commits offering them scholarships to USC on Tuesday.

(Video after the jump.)

The contact and subsequent offers came before Orgeron’s boss Lane Kiffin announced to the media he was resigning as UT Coach to take over at USC.

No wonder USC wanted to bring in Kiffin and Orgeron to help them clean up a program staring down an NCAA sanctions-barrel in two months. All makes sense now.

Also, the LOS ANGELES TIMES is reporting that an earlier ESPN report that had Norm Chow leaving UCLA to join the USC staff is false. (Chow is due a $250,000 retention bonus on April 1.)

Update/Clarification: The explanation by Brice is a little confusing, as Orgeron was actually on the phone from Los Angeles. That’s why he was on the speakerphone. Orgeron was at Heritage Hall in L.A. for his first day of work with the Trojans.