Kiffin: Raiders’ Lousy Defense Isn’t My Problem

Have you ever been so miserable at a job that you just stopped caring? It wouldn’t be hard to imagine Lane Kiffin reaching that point right now: you got blown out by Denver in the season opener, and your owner is a senile old coot who probably smells of menthol and Old Spice and tried to get you to resign in the off-season.

Lane Kiffin Al Davis

Maybe he’s already there. The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE has Exhibit A: Kiffin washing his hands of the defense and their lack of blitzes (three all game) in their 41-14 bashing by the Broncos. According to Kiffin, the defense is handled by his coordinator Rob Ryan and walking corpse Al Davis, and he has little to no input in it:

“I’m not going to really get into, ‘If I was the defensive coordinator, what would I do?’ because that doesn’t really matter,” Kiffin said. “I’m the head coach, I oversee everything and I control what I can control.”

Yeah, because why should the head coach be responsible for overseeing the entire team? If the Raiders want that, maybe they should hire a manager or something like they have in baseball.

If Kiffin is just focusing on the offense, that’s not working either: they only had two garbage time TDs in the fourth quarter after they were already down 27-0. More likely, he spent the off-season doing what most people phoning in their job do: hours of games of Minesweeper on his computer, followed by the occasional scan of the Craigslist ads for “Head Coach Wanted: Experience Not An Issue” listings while staring out the window and crying.

Basically, Lane Kiffin has turned into a young, white version of Stanley from The Office. If you see him doing a crossword puzzle during the second half of this week’s game, you’ll know he’s too far gone.

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