Kiffin Cuts Vols Senior After Attending Baby’s Birth

Oh, Lane Kiffin, what will you do next? Whether it’s calling Florida coach Urban Meyer a cheater, or telling a recruit he’ll end up pumping gas if he chooses South Carolina, the Tennessee coach has certainly brought a lot of attention to his program. But as Lane would admit himself, any publicity is good publicity. And just when you figure Lane can’t top his latest Rocky Top escapade, he proves us wrong yet again.

Lane Kiffin Demetrice Morley

This week’s Kiffin calamity? The Vols coach kicked Demetrice Morley off the team for missing practice. And why did the senior safety skip out on some scheduled spring drills? Because he was off witnessing the birth of his child.

So, a player misses out on one little practice to welcome his new bundle of joy into the world, and Kiffin cuts him? How typically lame of Lane. Well, it might appear that way, but there’s much more to Morley’s story.

As GO VOLS XTRA informs us, his newborn baby’s birthday isn’t the only time Demetrice had declined to attend UT football practice. Morley had missed plenty of other spring practices, including one last Saturday - after already missing the previous Tuesday’s practice for the childbirth.

On top of that, Demetrice apparently wasn’t getting along too well with rest of the Vols’ coaching staff. As Vols cornerback C.J. Fleming explains:

“He missed a lot of team runs, and then he was suspended indefinitely for a while. That’s when I kind of figured it out. Him and (defensive line coach) coach (Ed) Orgeron never really got together. It was always kind of a big thing with them two.”

Maybe Ed & pals shouldn’t have been so aggressive tearing off their shirts.

Missing practices was just one of numerous problems Morley became involved in. He had to miss a year at Tennessee when his grades fell too low, and he was in trouble with the law over an alleged robbery at Florida International University.

It would seem Morley might not be that greatly missed. As Fleming further explains:

“It’s probably a better thing for everybody as far as a family thing,” he said. “When somebody sees somebody just really doesn’t want to show up to practice, doesn’t want to come to meetings and still think they can show up and when they get there it’s their spot. … With the new coaches, they wasn’t having it. I think it’s making everybody stronger.”

So maybe, just maybe, Lane actually did the correct thing for once. Kudos to Kiffin! Hugs from Layla all around! And good luck, Demetrice, on your next job at Citgo!