Kiffin Career KO’d?; What Can Brown Do For You?

Lane Kiffin better be updating his resume, although he’s still currently employed by the Raiders - as of this writing, anyway.

Lane Kiffin wipes face

Ronnie Brown runs roughshod and passes perfectly over the Patriots.

Brady Quinn may finally get his big break with the Browns next weekend.

Mike Golic’s son gets caught in Notre Dame underage beer bust.

• SbB writer Scott shares his own special memories of Yankee Stadium, such as taking a leak between Bobby Murcer and Ron Santo.

• You could say that Lance Armstrong has owned the Tour de France for the last few years - now he really wants to own it.

Bud Selig says he’s sorry to Astros fans for taking their Ike-expelled team briefly to Milwaukee.

• Rutgers QB Mike Teel is pretty punchy toward his teammates.

Tubby Smith’s nephew is stabbed to death during a fight at a party.

• The Packers’ Al Harris is pulled from the lineup for the rest of the season after suffering a ruptured spleen.