Kids Urinated In Soda At High School Hoops Game

The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL has some disturbing news for those attending basketball games last month at a local high school.


(Silver lining?)

Police are asking the Washington County district attorney to issue felony juvenile charges against three Hartford Union High School students accused of urinating in people’s beverages.

While police were investigating a complaint that two junior boys put urine in soda at a basketball game last month, they learned of another incident that occurred in November, Police Chief David Groves said Tuesday. In the two unrelated cases, people unknowingly drank from the tainted beverages, police said.

And to think I thought all the old VHS copies of Hollywood Knights were out of circulation! Or was it Porky’s?

Should the kids involved have criminal records for peeing into soda cups?

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I hate block-quoting an entire piece, but you really have to, to get a full sense of what happened:

According to the police report and coach Ben Hoffmann, a 15-year-old boy told police that on Nov. 28 the basketball team was involved in a fund-raising effort in the community during which a 16-year-old student took a drink with him into the restroom and later offered it to any teammate who wanted it.

The 15-year-old boy took a sip and stopped when the other boys started to laugh.

Hoffmann said that when he learned what the boys were laughing at, he suspended the older boy for two games and called the boys’ parents.

In the other incident, two boys are accused of putting urine in soda. The suspects e-mailed other students, telling them who drank the mixture, police say. An administrator got one of the e-mails and called police.

As a coach, Hoffmann said, he speaks to the boys about what it means to be part of a team and making good decisions.

You know what my reax to this is? Why are the POLICE involved in this? Do we really need to take them off the beat to arrest 15-year-olds for spiking a cup or two of soda with urine? I know, the game was really overboard, but still, I really have a hard time swallowing (sorry) that we need to involve the cops in this case.

Should these kids have criminal records for this?

I ask you, if this were 10 years ago, do you think we’d be reading about this?