Kids Stuff Just For You Gene Upshaw Will Break Your Neck

• VARSITY DAD wonders if the sports memorabilia you buy for your kids is really just for you:

Kids Sports Toys

• SPORTS LETTER interviews the man who’s starting up the National Sports Museum.

• LION IN OIL knows it pays to stay in school - and costs more if you want to stay out:

Classroom Money

• WE ARE THE POSTMEN can’t bring themselves to finish reading John Feinstein’s “Last Dance”.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS reports a retired NFL player is fearful for his life - thanks to Gene Upshaw:

Gene Upshaw Joe L

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT wonders if Ray Lewis is helping Baltimore reach #2 in the nation - in highest murder rates.

• In reponse to Sweet Lou’s tirade and a major minor league blow-up, the SPORTS HERNIA offers its list of the hottest heated exchanges from the field:

Francona argue umpire spit

• THE RED SOX TIMES are counting down their 100 greatest Beantown ballplayers.