Kid’s Got Sack: 12-Year-Old’s Cool Ball Invention

One of the coolest little innovations in sports merch this year is this handy basketball carrier:

Adrian Lindsey

The CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER reports now-seventeen-year-old entrepreneur Adrian Lindsey created the item called the “All-Net Sak” five years ago, and he and his family have spent five years trying to bring it to to market.

The bag originally was developed from an “ordinary basketball net into a practical bag for carrying a ball.” Eventually, a local Wal-Mart decided to stock the sack, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are now selling the carrier in their team store.

The P-D’s piece about Lindsey reveals more than a kid just out to make a buck. Excerpt:

That’s why Adrian, who plans to become a doctor, donated 60 All-Net Saks to kids taking part in the LeBron James King for Kids Bikeathon in Akron last summer. He also donated a portion of his revenue and did volunteer work to help East Cleveland’s Shaw High School marching band raise more than $20,000 to perform at the Beijing Olympics.

Lindsey has given away hundreds of ball carriers in his quest to help the underprivileged while also getting word out about his unique item. I have a feeling this might be a wildfire-catcher with kids. I sure know I wish I had had one when I was bouncing around the playground.

You can find out more about the carrier by going here.