Kid Uses Lotto Loot To Start Chick-Wrestling Show

So you’ve just won $17 million in South Carolina’s Powerball Lotto, and you’re deciding what to do with your new-found riches. Well of course the answer is obvious: Move to Tampa Bay and start a TV show featuring scantily-clad women wrestlers.

Jay Vargas, Wrestlicious girls

Jay Vargas was only 19 when he took the lottery’s $17 million lump sum. Now 21, he calls himself JV Rich, and is the owner of “Wrestlicious,” which is kind of a cross between … it reminds one of … it’s, oh hell, just look at the video below.

The real Vargas is normal — and pretty humble. After snagging a $17 million lump sum payment last year at age 19, becoming Powerball’s youngest-ever winner, Vargas vowed to spend his money smartly.

“I don’t have the temptation to go out and buy 15 cars or 50 houses, or a big mansion with 50-plus rooms… I just want to be comfortable,” he said.

He’s settled down with a wife and family in a nice, but not-over-the-top house in New Tampa. His money and his mind are totally devoted to his TV show-in-the making.

The show is hosted by former Hulk Hogan manager Jimmy Hart, and Vargas has filmed a pilot episode, which he is shopping to TV networks. (Oh come on, what’s the holdup? Your move, Versus.)

Whatever you think of Vargas’ new venture, you have to give him credit for one thing. He got out of South Carolina.