Kid Struck by Baseball May Need Brain Surgery

Griffin Cox, a 9-year-old from the Chicago suburbs, took in a White Sox game recently at U.S. Cellular Field and got there early with his Park District baseball team (the Mets, naturally) to watch batting practice and snag foul balls. Unfortunately, he didn’t see one of them and took it right off his skull.

Mr. Met in an ambulance

Security rushed the conscious boy to the White Sox dugout, where backup catcher (and backup ambulance) Toby Hall carried young Griffin to the trainer. However, the trainer found no obvious signs of serious injury, so he packed the boy off to the stands with the “Sorry We Conked Your Head” gift bag (signed items and cold packs).

When Griffin came up ill a few days later, doctors discovered what the trainer couldn’t: two skull fractures, including one leaking brain fluid. Young Mr. Fox finds out if he will require brain surgery to repair both fractures today.

Thankfully, the surgery is expected to be both safe and highly successful if needed. Also, Griffin might be out for baseball this year, but he can still hit the public pool if he chooses. (No diving, Griffin.)

Also, we absolutely must take this opportunity to give Toby Hall a gold star. We suspect A.J. Pierzynski would have done the same, Toby, but he would have taken a parade lap around the park first to let everyone know that he was saving a child’s life.

Now, a recommendation and a warning: first, maybe we should extend the advice we received two weeks ago from PEDIATRICS and put all fans in masks and helmets for each game. Sure, it would slow down our beer consumption, but we’re not entirely sure that’s the worst notion in the world. Livers are expensive.

And to the Glen Ellyn Park District: We hope you kept your tithe to the Sith Bud current. Otherwise, when he finds out you’re using Major League Baseball team names without permission, this happy ending will have a familiar coda.