Kid Rock Rockin’ the CMAs in Rob Bironas Jersey

The 42nd annual CMA Awards were held Wednesday night, hosted by former Tony Romo flame Carrie Underwood and Tim Tebow fave Brad Paisley. Fortunately for us, WITH LEATHER watched it so we didn’t have to. And what a fun discovery they discovered.

Kid Rock Li'l Wayne CMA Awards Titans jerseys

In the above photo from Wednesday’s activities, that’s Kid Rock vocalizing, while Lil Wayne does some pickin’ on the gee-tar. And check out the duds they’re sporting - Tennessee Titans uniforms! Lil is representin’ in a Chris Johnson uni, while the Kid rocks out in a Rob Bironas jersey.

OK, I need a second to sort this all out. (Video of Kid Rock’s performance after the jump)

So it’s Kid Rock and Lil Wayne - two rappers - at the CMA Awards show. The CMA stands for “Country Music Association”. I’m having trouble seeing the connection here. But I also have a bigger problem with the tune “All Summer Long”. It’s just “Sweet Home Alabama” with new lyrics. Is such a song really necessary?

Anyway, I realize the show was in Nashville, so I can understand the Titans gear. And Chris Johnson is an up & coming RB star (not to be confused with an R&B star). But Rob Bironas? The kicker? No love for LenDale White? No well wishes for Vince Young?

As long as Kid was decked out in those duds, he might as well have launched into “My Bironas“. Chris Berman would have been proud.

Here’s hoping Billy Ray Cyrus & Kerry Collins get to do their duet at next year’s show.