Kid Benched When Mom Skips Concession Shift

A Massachusetts mom got her 7-year old kid benched from his little league game when she missed her scheduled shift at the park’s concession stand.

Little League Ban On Chatter

Arlen Specter’s independent investigation is forthcoming.


Jodi Hooper of Freetown said she was unable to fulfill her obligation at the concession stand because she couldn’t get time off from work, according to MyFOXBoston.

Dave Brouillette, head of the Freetown Youth Athletic Association, told MY FOX BOSTON that the concession revenues are necessary to fund the league’s programs and that he has to enforce the rules, which require parents show up for their assigned concession stand shifts or risk suspensions for their children.

I almost hate to side with The Man on this one, but the Think Of The Children card trumps the Working Mother Who Doesn’t Have Enough Time card. Like any team, everyone has to do their part, and if you let one parent off the hook, the whole system goes to pot.

And I have a hard time feeling sorry for a 7-year-old kid that probably has his name sealed onto the back of his t-shirt. Suck it up, kid. Now you’ll know what it’s like when you get busted for steroids 20 years from now.