Khloe Has Reckless Disregard For All Of Humanity

I hope that Taco Bell commercial for Lamar Odom was worth it.

Lamar Odom Khloe Kardashian Fake Marriage a Scam All Along

(Tragic: If only I was merely talking about the show)

Last week E! promoted an upcoming episode of Khloe Kardashian’s reality show by touting her pseudo scheme to prevent Odom from cheating on her while he’s on the road.

The idea that she pitched to the show’s producers for inclusion in the script her friend? A solo sex tape Odom can take on the road. (Three words for L.O.: Dont. Check. It.)

Dialogue from the show last night:

Khloe: “Like a solo sex tape, like masturbation.”
Friend: “I am not going to video tape you, masturbating. That would scare me.”
Khloe: “You know, I kind of like the idea of a sexy little video. I could be naughty.”

Of course, the tape will never happen - but twas a nice device to hookup some bait and switch promotion.Speaking of promotion, has anyone heard if Khloe’s accepted a cameo on Discovery’s MonsterQuest? Scientists and overnight radio talk show listeners in hot pursuit of the elusive Yeti can only hope.