KG Mangles Marketing Slogan During Celebration

In video linked by Jason this morning, here’s Kevin Garnett once again during a postgame interview with Michelle Tafoya last night:

Note the long, painful pause before Garnett explodes with “Anything Is Possible!

Kevin Garnett Goofs Up Adidas Marketing Slogan After NBA Finals

(Video now surely will be taken down, so here’s a screen shot)

To many, that appeared as a genuine reaction from Garnett as he was overcome with emotion. But if you know anything about Garnett’s association with Adidas, you realize that that reaction was anything but off-the-cuff.

Instead, it was designed to celebrate his shoe endorsement. Except Garnett got it wrong. Very wrong.

As Darren Rovell of CNBC also points out, Garnett’s “Anything Is Possible” was probably meant to be “Impossible Is Nothing” - which is the slogan Adidas has used for his long-running sneaker ad campaigns.

Kevin Garnett Adidas Spot

What makes it so funny is Garnett took a good 20 seconds to gather himself before blurting out the wrong phrase. Makes you wonder just how many takes his absurdly elaborate Adidas spots have taken over the years.

As if that isn’t enough fun, C.J. of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE has even more inappropriate comments punched out by “The Ticket” to Tafoya in the postgame delirium.