Kazemi’s Ex-Boyfriend Wrote Rap About A Murder

As if this story needed any more surreal twists, Sahel Kazemi’s former boyfriend, Keith Norfleet, wrote and performed a rap song about killing an older man with a handgun about four months ago. NASHVILLE CITY PAPER uncovered the song on Tuesday, in which Norfleet, an aspiring rapper who goes by the name of KaNe, raps about guns, putting a clip in someone’s mouth, and telling an older man, “you’ll die, I promise.” The state medical examiner has said that it’s likely Kazemi orchestrated the murder-suicide of herself and her boyfriend, ex-Titans quarterback Steve McNair, but police are not yet ruling out any possibilities.

Keith Norfleet Photo Sahel Kazemi's Ex-Boyfriend Steve McNair Mistress

(Keith Norfleet and his ex-girlfriend, Sahel Kazemi)

The rap, entitled “Closed Casket,” was downloaded onto SoundClick.com on Feb. 2, which is after Kazemi and McNair began their relationship. Norfleet voluntarily talked to police the day after the shootings, and is not considered a suspect. But he has admitted being in the Nashville condo the day of the tragedy, saying that he was looking for Kazemi. Link to “Closed Casket” below.

Listen to the rap here.

Norfleet, who attended high school with Kazemi in Florida and moved with her to Nashville, posted more than 30 rap mixes onto SoundClick, many of them which appear to comment on his relationship with Kazemi.

The final verse in the song, set to Eminem’s “Nail in the Coffin” instrumental track, is as follows:

“If you ever do it again b***h I’m not rapping
I’m getting a clip and clapping and I’m not laughing
They’re wrapping you up for your little trip to the morgue
While I’m preparing for my trip to the shore,
Don’t ignore me, I’m not lying, I couldn’t be more honest
If you ever do it again, you’ll die, I promise.”

Keith Norfleet Photo Sahel Kazemi's Ex-Boyfriend Steve McNair Mistress

I’m no music critic, but I just listened to the rap, and Norfleet needs to be arrested right now. And it has nothing to do with the shootings.