So Kevin Smith Wants To Make A Hockey Movie

Kevin Smith, of “Clerks” and “Jersey Girl” fame, is a huge New Jersey Devils fan. That’s not news if you’re a hockey fan, which applies to… 0.0002% of our readership (Sorry, guys! Both of you!).

Kevin Smith devils towel
(C’mon, everyone wears scarves.)

To that end, as PUCK DADDY reports, Smith is considering making a hockey movie, one that Puck Daddy calls “‘The Wrestler’ for hockey.” We initially interpreted that as Mickey Rourke climbing back into the ring in full goalie gear and clocking guys with a breakaway hockey stick or something, but apparently that’s not happening. Despite that heartbreaking news, the project sounds cool anyway:

Smith is gunning to get the project going in 2010 or 2011, singling out the film from all his other projects as “the one I really want to do in a big, bad way.” It will be set in the late 1970s within the World Hockey Association, before those teams were absorbed into the National Hockey League. “It takes place during the last gasp of the goon era of hockey when it was all about fighting,” Smith said. While there will certainly be humor in the script, he envisions the film as being more dramatic in nature, and possibly entering into awards season chatter down the road.

So wait. Taking place in a lower-level pro league in the 1970s…

…glorifying the goon era of hockey…

…and a drama/comedy/dramedy directed by Kevin Smith?

You know what? We’ll take it anyway. It’s a sports movie in the hands of a competent director, and usually, that’s all you can ask for. And at the very least, it can’t possibly suck any worse than Jersey Girl.