And Love Had Just Added Some Cool Ringtones

The PORTLAND OREGONIAN reports”Oregon athletic director Pat Kilkenny has apologized for the behavior of the Pit Crew at McArthur Court (toward UCLA’s Kevin Love) during the Ducks’ 80-75 loss to UCLA in a men’s basketball game last Thursday.

Kevin Love Oregon Fans Abuse

The ASSOCIATED PRESS adds, “The younger Love and his father were booed and jeered unmercifully by the student section at McArthur Court last Thursday.

Marc Isenberg of MONEY PLAYERS was there and from what he describes the students doing, we’re really surprised there was zero discipline doled out.


“Kevin Love is a pussy” crosses the line, right??

One extended round of chants, okay. But the second time, someone from Oregon should have stopped the game and made it clear that this was unacceptable. The handmade signs were even more over the top and obscene. They also put up Kevin’s cell number, which basically rendered his phone useless after he got got hundreds of text messages and voicemails.

Henry Abbott of ESPN’s TRUE HOOP emailed an idea to Isenberg on what should be done: “Man oh man. What do with the reality that a lot of people are tasteless idiots. Here’s one idea: videotape the worst offenders with those signs. Slow-motion it. And then add their names, majors, GPAs etc. and send it to their parents, professors, advisers etc.

Great idea, and we may have found an offseason opportunity for Bill Belichick’s staff.