Kevin Johnson Wants to Take Point in Sacramento

Kevin Johnson, former Phoenix Sun All-Star, wants to be your mayor. (Well, assuming you live in Sacramento.) Johnson formally announced his bid Wednesday to oust three-time incumbent mayor of the California state capitol, Heather Fargo. SIGNAL TO NOISE has been tracking the story from the start and has all the political details.

Kevin Johnson, Charles Barkley, and David Garibaldi

(KJ and Barkley at a St. HOPE fundraiser; portrait by David Garibaldi)

KJ is no Charles Barkley. (Technically speaking, he’s half a Charles Barkley, but that’s a different type of scale.) Johnson has a BA in Political Science from Cal-Berkeley that he completed after his NBA career finished the first time. He graduated from a divinity institute program at Harvard after his brief comeback with the Suns in 2000.

He’s also built deep roots in the community he was born in, from his real estate development ties to his extensive speaking engagements to his charitable organization, St. HOPE, that has created charter schools teaching almost 1,000 children in total.

Heather Fargo’s not dealing with an undereducated athlete on a lark and she knows it. She’s already got mud under her fingernails, claiming Johnson owes serious back taxes and can’t keep his buildings up to code.

She also told the AP that she is “looking forward to holding my record up against his record” despite her own struggles with the downturn in the housing market in Sacramento.

Let’s compare their records, shall we? Kevin Johnson has three NBA All-Star appearances. How many times has Fargo even attended an NBA All-Star game? Kevin Johnson has a 1994 World Championship gold medal. Where are Fargo’s gold medals? Kevin Johnson has 13,127 points and 6,711 assists. How often has Fargo assisted her fellow man? Not 6,711 times.

And how can anyone support a political figure that hasn’t done this?

Vote KJ: Assisting Sacramento to a New Tomorrow.