Kevin Johnson Called Slumlord By Sactowners

SLUMLORD” KJ HAS LONG WAY TO GO TO CATCH DONALD T.: Concerned Sacramento citizen and activist Robin Ware this week to local TV station KTXL on former NBA player Kevin Johnson: “He’s a slumlord.

Kevin Johnson

KTXL reports Johnson owns “dozens” of properties in the Oak Park district of the city, but they “sit vacant or are in disrepair“.

Now a group of residents is protesting Johnson’s lack of action. More from Ms. Ware: “He’s let a lot of his properties go down the tubes and because of that, a lot of people are suffering and in pain, and he has to realize that.

Contractor Jeff Guillot, who works with Johnson’s development company, said his goal for the Oak Park residences was “Tightening up the buildings, just nailing the boards back on the siding, that kind of thing.

Donald Sterling Empty Seats

Now that’s what we call development! To be fair, Kevin Johnson is just getting started in the real estate business, and he’s got a long way to go to catch up to everyone’s favorite slumlord-turned-NBA-owner Donald Sterling (who we want to personally thank for the rent-control crack houses on L.A.’s Westside).