Kevin James Named Daughter After Shea Stadium

WE SURE HOPE THIS WON’T INSPIRE PHOENIX COYOTES FANS: Chris Yandek of has an interview with Kevin James, who reveals he named his newborn daughter “Shea” after our favorite dilapidated MLB ballpark in Queens.

Shea Stadium

Yandek: “Did you really name your second daughter Shea after Shea Stadium, and if so, I think all male diehard sports fans want to know how they can convince their wife to name their next kid after something sports related?”

Kevin James Mets

James: “I honestly…honestly did. I have been a Mets fan my whole life and such good memories going to Shea Stadium. I can’t believe this got by my wife (Steffiana). She ended up liking the name just for the name itself. I am excited and a little upset I am going to have to change it to City Park, her name, when they change the stadium over.

Kevin James pregnant wife Steffiana

The stadium was named after William A. Shea, a lawyer back in the ’60s who is given credit for getting MLB to expand into Long Island.

Joe Namath Bear Bryant Richard Todd

More notably, the ballpark was also the site of hapless Jets QB Richard Todd stuffing NEW YORK POST reporter Steve Serby into a locker in 1981