KG Gets So Emotional When He Wins NBA Titles

Game 7 is no longer necessary. In laying out the Los Angeles Lakers 131-92 Tuesday night, the Boston Celtics are now your 2008 NBA champions.

And when the game clock finally flashed 0:00, no one got more caught up in the moment than Kevin Garnett.

Kevin Garnett kissing Celtics center court

(Judging by where KG is puckering up, no wonder the Celtic logo’s smirking)

Oh, no doubt it was also a special night for Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Doc Rivers, Brian Scalabrine and the rest of the Celtics team & fans. And Pierce should be expecting a new endorsement deal from Gatorade:

Paul Pierce dumping Gatorade on Doc Rivers

(Doc Rivers gets a bath. Shouldn’t the Celtics be drinking green Gatorade?)

But it was KG who was the most emotional once the title was theirs.

LARRY BROWN SPORTS & AWFUL ANNOUNCING provide the proof with this post-game clip, as Michele Tafoya tries to get some words from Garnett:

Kevin could hardly talk, burying his face underneath his new championship hat. But he did get some good quips off - such as shouting to the ceiling “ANYTHING’S POSSIBLLLLLLE!“, screaming out “TOP OF THE WORLD!“, and telling the camera “I’m certified! I’m certified!“Garnett was so deliriously happy, he even shared some sweet nothings with Tafoya, telling her, “Michele, you look good tonight, girl!

Phil Jackson must be pretty jealous that KG’s moving in on his territory (oh, and also for beating him for this year’s title). Maybe Kev’s thinking of adding another lovely lady to his growing harem.

But what of the Lake Show? When asked after the game about being part of this season’s edition of the vaunted Lakers-Celtics rivalry, Kobe Bryant pretty much summed it all up:

It sucks.”

Kobe was joking, of course. (We think.)

Getting back to Beantown, what Celtics celebration wouldn’t be complete without some good ol’ smashing & burning. From the BOSTON GLOBE:

A crowd traveled from the Garden to Faneuil Hall, with some revelers tearing apart park benches, flipping over flower pots, trash barrels, and newspaper boxes, and trying to light fires with the garbage. A group smashed a window in a building on Canal Street.

Police, dressed in black tactical gear, patrolled across the city on bike and on foot, wielding batons. Officers made a handful of arrests for offenses such as vandalism and disorderly conduct, but a full tally was not available early this morning, according to Boston police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll.

Thankfully, YOU BEEN BLINDED passes along some video evidence:

Those who manage to make bail are invited back into town on Thursday, as a civic celebration is set for 11 a.m. So get your drinking started early.

Sorry, we should know better than to tell Boston fans something they already practice pretty well.