Bills’ Everett Waived, Seeks Out Disability Dough

Tight end/special teamer Kevin Everett, who suffered from (and recovered from) a horrific, life-threatening spinal injury early last season, was waived by the Buffalo Bills yesterday.

Kevin Everett

That’s not quite as bad as it sounds.

From ESPN.COM news services:

Now that he has been officially waived, Everett may apply for a long-term disability payment of $224,000 per year over the life span of his injury, according to THE BUFFALO NEWS, which first reported the roster move. An injured player is not eligible for that benefit while still on a team’s active roster.

Since Everett was on the roster the entire year, he’s also now eligible for a monthly pension. He is also eligible for a one-time $75,000 payment from a separate players’ health plan.

While it seems somewhat obvious that Everett would eventually be waived, the organization described the move as “difficult:”

We had numerous discussions with the league in dealing with this process to assist him in the best way possible. Kevin will always remain a Buffalo Bill in the same way that Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and so many others before him are held in the highest regard by our franchise.

The team described his recovery as “nothing short of a miracle and is a tremendous example of faith, family and hard work.” The irony is that while Everett is officially being waived, he is walking away, and doing so on his own power.