Kevin Durant’s Brother: OK City Is “Wack, Sh—y”

Let’s be honest, very few people know Tony Durant as anything other than the older brother of Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant. (If that.)

Tony Durant Obscene Tweets About Oklahoma City

(Had to work in the blank photo - always a nice touch)

But thanks to some indiscretionary Tweets the past few days, his notoriety among Thunder fans is beginning to grow.

Tony was a fair-to-middlin’ player at Towson before attempting to make the Thunder this season via the club’s summer league team. Zero points in two games got him a one-way ticket to his brother’s couch in Oklahoma City. And apparently his laptop. did contact Tony about the Tweets, and he replied with, “no OKC is great I love it hereā€¦im just a little homesick that OKC is my home.”

Looks, it’s tough when you realize that your playing career has just come to an end. Not to mention enjoying the nightlife that DC formerly provided you. But If Tony is Oklahoma City to serve as a supporter of Kevin, it sounds like an intervention may be in order.