Kevin Costner Appears on Omaha TV To Save College World Series Stadium

COSTNER HITS THE OMAHA AIRWAVES TO SAVE STADIUM: Kevin Costner is delivering* a message to the people of Omaha this week - Keep Rosenblatt Afloat*:

Kevin Costner Beavers baseball

The OMAHA WORLD-HERALD reports that the movie star will be appearing in commercials to help save Rosenblatt Stadium the ballpark that’s been host to the College World Series for over 50 years.

Concerns about the ol’ park have risen since last May, when Omaha mayor Mike Fahey unveiled plans to build a new downtown stadium. However, the new field of collegiate dreams is dependent on whether the NCAA wants to keep the tourney in town.

Rosenblatt Stadium entrance

In the TV spot, Costner sits in a grassy field, talking about how long the park has been home to the CWS, “a tradition as strong as baseball itself.” The ad ends with the actor emploring viewers to “keep the dream alive” by calling the phone number or visitng the website of the Save Rosenblatt Committee.

In addition to the airwave assault, Costner, who apparently has his own band, has suggested doing a benefit concert for the stadium:

Kevin Costner band

If memories of Kevin’s last box-office bombs don’t bring the wrecking ball soon, that certainly will.

(*-Get it? It’s a play on Costner’s cinematic sorties “The Postman” and “Waterworld”. Pure comic genius, that is!)