Kerry Collins: Nashville Star on Field and in Studio

Kerry Collins has beat down bad.  He’s been at the top and he’s been in the bottom of the bottle.  He’s had nights he can’t remember (thanks to the concussions) and days he’d just as soon forget.  Hell, he once had to work in Oakland.  He’s had a life darned near picture perfect for a country song.

Kerry Collins and Trent Dilfer

That’s why Collins won’t be taking the real estate license exam in Tennessee any time soon.  (Well, that and the housing market.)  Instead, he’s hooking up with Nashville’s finest and aiming at a county songwriting career after he’s done receiving concussions through more violent means.

He hasn’t sold any songs yet, though he’s gone further than most by getting big artists to actually look at his work.   His Billy Ray Cyrus flirtation (reported here last year) didn’t go anywhere, either.  Still, he has been lucky enough to hook up with real songwriters to handle the heavy lifting while he jots down the words.

On the other hand, it’s no less silly than Tru Warier Records and requires significantly less initial cash outlay to get started.  If Wayman Tisdale could become a jazz player of some renown and John Tesh could have one career (much less two), why not?  Vaya con Dios, Kerry.  (It’d take a Music City miracle.)