Kentucky Brouhaha Over Patterson’s New Truck?

Well, for once it wasn’t a Twitter post that started a huge controversy with an athlete. It was just the little ol’ lead of this LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER story on Kentucky basketball, in which Wildcats beat reporter Jerry Tipton noted that forward Patrick Patterson drove to Wednesday’s Blue-White game in a brand new, rather expensive truck.

Patrick Patterson

Forgive Reggie Bush if he’s unimpressed. But folks in Kentucky are sure talking about it. And Patterson’s mom is more than a little P.O.ed. Was Tipton’s lead written to provoke controversy? (Heaven forbid!). Or was it an innocent observation? By the way, Patterson’s mom says the report isn’t even true.

Tipton’s lead in today’s HERALD-LEADER:

Patrick Patterson drove to Rupp Arena for Wednesday’s Blue-White Game in his new Lincoln Mark LT. The black truck was not the only difference for Kentucky’s big man.

“I’ve got a new game to go with my new car,” he said. “I’m trying to show the new areas I’m working on.”

Then, this:

For Patterson, the fun figured to continue as he climbed in his new black truck and drove away.

“He just gave in,” Patterson said of his father finally fulfilling his pleadings for a new vehicle. “I’m ecstatic.”

I didn’t see that graph about his “father finally fulfilling his pleadings” the first time I read the story. Perhaps I just missed it … or perhaps Tipton added it later. Anyway, Tipton has somewhat of a reputation for stirring controversy. It’s hard to believe that he didn’t realize that mentioning a college player with a brand new Lincoln Mark LT would be like poking a hornet’s nest.

Patterson’s mom was not amused. From KENTUCKY SPORTS RADIO:

Interesting story right? The problem is that according to Patterson’s mother, it is not true. I spoke this afternoon to Tywanna Patterson who said that Patrick didn’t drive to the game in the truck or drive home afterward, instead riding with his parents to dinner after the game. She also said that Patrick’s new truck isn’t even kept primarily on campus and was a gift from his parents that will be kept primarily in Huntington.

Patterson’s mother was upset at Tipton’s comments on the truck and said, “I just don’t appreciate him making false statements and comments. When he first interviewed me, he misquoted me about OJ Mayo when Patrick was in high school. I just wish he would stop doing that.

“I just wish he would report on the game and not things that didn’t happen.”

Have we heard the last of this? Um, no. For one thing, NCAA officials are at this moment raising their heads like deer who just heard a loud noise in the woods.

Sample comment on KENTUCKY SPORTS RADIO message board:

I’m guessing that Tipton heard that PP got a new truck and assumed he drove to the game in it and then he took liberties and made up a story to go with that assumption. Tywanna (my new heroine) called that hack out. –BigBlueFan