Stabler’s Now An Unholy Roller: 3 DUIs Since ‘95

Former Raiders quarterback Kenny Stabler was known as “The Snake” in his playing days, but has turned out to be no less slithery than when his playing days wound down 24 years ago.

Kenny Stabler Oakland Raiders Arrested

Stabler tried to escape the pocket while driving under the influence of alcohol Sunday. But he was stopped short by police (unlike the San Diego Chargers in 1978) in Robertsdale, Alabama.

Stabler refused the breathalyzer test and spent the night in jail. From NBC 15 ONLINE, based in Mobile:

    The arrest happened around 1am off of Highway 59. Stabler was later released on bond. The Foley Native has been arrested at least twice before for drunken driving–once in 1995 and again in 2001.

I’m sure he drove the way he ran back in his playing days: fast, wobbly, and better than anyone else. But even in Alabama? Come on, dude. The Snake obviously didn’t learn anything from his first two arrests. It might be time to bring a boot down on this Snake.

UPDATE: Stabler is currently the Alabama football analyst, but according to Paul Finebaum, noted Alabama sports talk show host, not for long (click live audio stream).