Kenny Mayne Promoting Candidacy Of Barack Obama With Signature ESPN Calls Claims Website

POLITICO SITE SNIFFS OUT MAYNE’S POLITICAL LEANINGS? Could ESPN SportsCenter anchor and network reporter Kenny Mayne, like Keith Olbermann, become the latest sports-centric commentator to assume a beltway-based show with no ratings (and the accompanying gigantic remuneration)?

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That may well be a more distinct possibility than you think as right-leaning politico site NEWSBUSTERS claims he is “turning his on-screen appearances into an opportunity to promote the candidacy of a Dem presidential contender.

Kenny Mayne ESPN

Watching ESPN’s Kenny Mayne over the course of the last few days, I was surprised to notice that he has coined a new call. Home run at a crucial moment? Three-pointer to take the lead in a basketball game? ‘Obama!’, exclaims Mayne.

OK, maybe I can buy that analysis, but then the kook-conspiracy factor kicks in with this: “This is the second sign that Mayne leans left. He is also a celebrity endorser for ‘Progressive’ Insurance, owned by Peter Lewis, a billlionaire who has donated millions to and other far-left organizations.