Kenny Copies Kobe’s Jump; Alluring Aussie Baller

Friendly reminder - SbB’s live blogging tonight’s Cavs-Wizards Game 3.

• If Kobe Bryant can jump a car, why can’t Kenny Smith?

Kenny Smith car jump

Erin Phillips is one basketballer we’d like to pick ‘n’ roll with.

• Mets pitcher Joe Smith engages in some friendly chatter with the folks at the Friendly Confines.

• Gatorade demands that they’re the only ones to quench the White Sox’s thirst.

• Braves fans try to prove they’re just as punch-drunk as your typical Mets, Phillies, Yanks or Red Sox supporter.

O.J. Simpson would be a killer Apprentice on Donald Trump’s show.

• Olympic ice dancer Oksana Grishuk might have been slipped a date-rape drug by a Viagra pill-popper.

• NHL commish Gary Bettman likes Bud Light from the tap. Why are we not surprised?

Dan Patrick’s daughter gets a rise out of her penis candle.

Justin Boren made history as the first Michigan-Ohio State football transfer since World War II.