Kendra Wilkinson’s Secret Baseball Past Revealed

GASLAMP BALL has notified Padres fans across this fine land that Kendra Wilkinson, who we understand is some kind of actress or model for periodicals, will throw out the first pitch for the San Diego National League franchise some time this year. Season ticket sales should rise just like Marisa Miller into Ryan Dempster’s arms.

Kendra Wilkinson

However, in our extensive and rather fatiguing research for this piece, we discovered a shocking truth about Kendra Wilkinson that we can only share with you in picture form. Please brace yourself before reading on. If you were surfing the Internet while standing up, sit down.

Kendra Wilkinson's double life

We don’t know what to think. Clearly, we see her here in Padres and Dodgers gear. Apparently, Kendra Wilkinson will pitch or catch for any team that will take her. This is wildly disconcerting; we expected more loyalty, somehow.