Kendra Wilkinson Talks Marriage & Stripper Poles

Kendra Wilkinson is a pretty busy Playmate these days. The “Girls Next Door” star is moving on to her own solo E! reality series, cleverly titled “Kendra”, which follows the wacky misadventures of Ms. Wilkinson as she gets ready to marry Philadelphia Eagles receiver Hank Baskett.

Kendra Wilkinson ring

What can viewers expect of Kendra’s new series? Lots and lots o’ laughs! As she tells US MAGAZINE:

“It’s been fun,” she said of taping the series, which premieres this summer. “A lot of work, but fun. I’m used to Holly and Bridget, but now it’s just me. My show’s kind of — our show — is kind of like I Love Lucy, but newlyweds. It’s funny.”

I can’t wait to see the one where Kendra & Hank work on a chocolate wrapping assembly line, or when they try to stomp grapes to make wine. Think of all the hilarity that will ensue!

In addition to being a bride-to-be, Kendra is also an aspiring entrepeneur, and she’s coming out with a product that’s a must-have in every home - stripper poles!

During last weekend’s American Red Cross Red Tie Affair in Santa Monica, CA, Kendra announced she’s getting into the stripper pole selling biz, with her own pole & workout plan & everything. And what can consumers expect of Kendra’s product?

“It’s like Carmen Electra’s, but mine is better. Mine will connect to the ceiling, and you can spin on it and do all that stuff on it.”

Carmen Electra Kendra Wilkinson

(Carmen & Kendra - new business rivals)

Wow, I haven’t seen a celebrity-endorsed consumer item rivalry this hot since Evander Holyfield dare challenged George Foreman’s mighty grill monopoly.

But I’m not yet sold on the stripper pole. Perhaps a home demonstration by Kendra herself could convince me otherwise.

Kendra Wilkinson hot tub

…followed by a relaxing dip in the hot tub. Now that’s marketing!