Kendra Wilkinson: ‘Cybersex sessions’ With NFLer

Enrico at THE 700 LEVEL reports Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson appeared this week on something called E!’s “Chelsea Lately” and confirmed her oft-rumored relationship with Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett.

Hank Baskett Girls Next Door

Kendra confessed that she and Hef are no longer together, although they’ll always be best friends. Instead, she talked about her new man, Hank Baskett, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

She dished that they keep in touch with Skype (aka live video chat) and have cybersex sessions on it. “It’s way better than phone sex,” she swears. “Try it!”

Video of Ms. Wilkinson’s interview after the jump.

Coincidentally, both Ms. Wilkinson and Holly Madison have escaped the clutches of Hugh Hefner in the same week. Though a sixth season of their bizarro “Girls Next Door” reality show is apparently still in the works.Meanwhile, the only “girl” left for Hef is oldster Brittany Marquardt. But he did confirm that there are already two new girls living in the Playboy Mansion:

“The Girls Next Door” premiered on E! in 2001 and is in its fifth season. Hefner said he and the three women are committed to a sixth season, but he plans to seek out new live-in lovers. Hefner said 19-year-old Playmate twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon are living in the mansion, but they’re aren’t his girlfriends — yet.”

Why do I have a feeling Karissa and Kristina’s parents will soon be sought out by Jeff Foxworthy to appear, paint cans in hand on top of some water tower in central Georgia, for his next “You Might Be a Redneck” comedy special?